Why Filmbook?

Video Learning is Everywhere

From self-produced YouTube tutorials to the most sophisticated online learning platforms, it seems that everyone is learning through video.

From 2010 to 2016, the top ten lists of the most well-funded VC-backed edtech companies were crowded with video-based online classes.

Video-learning is ubiquitous, but is it advantageous? What really happens when you hit the play button on all those learning videos?

Learning is Not a Media Consumption Exercise

Is watching a video learning? Or is it just  … watching?

Learning is not simple media consumption. Learning is engagement. Involvement. Immersion. With the Filmbook® mobile learning platform, learners engage with your content. Learn from your video. Read the synchronized book. Deepen their knowledge with pictures. And test their competence with the questions.

Everyone has courses and classes and videos. That’s just that beginning. And, sadly, it’s all fragmented.

Only the Filmbook platform has synchronized videos + text + pictures + questions. In one place. Just a swipe away for the learner.

Filmbook drives learning and deepens competence. Like no other learning format.

And it’s easy for instructional designers to create Filmbook content. It frees them to underscore key concepts, deepen technical subjects, and point out key principles as they create content. They’ve been longing for a platform to showcase their learning content. The wait is over. The  synchronized format they’ve been missing is finally here.

Filmbook: A New Learning Format, Not Another LMS

When the Filmbook team began researching learning systems in 2012, we found that there were multiple options for transferring learning content—films, text documents, and quizzes—into an online format and arranging that content in a hierarchical way.

Yawn. Of course. These systems were designed to meet the needs of the content administrators. And most of them did a good job in that regard.

It quickly became clear that there was no learning platform that attempted to transform the format of the filmed educational content to make it more engaging and effective for the learner.

We built that platform. We called it Filmbook® mobile learning. And now it’s available to you.

What is Filmbook?