What is Filmbook?

Film + Book = Filmbook® mobile learning. Well, that sounds simple, doesn’t it? The Filmbook concept is simple. Elegantly simple. And undeniably effective.

Filmbook is an iOS mobile platform designed for learning performance-based skills. It’s also the name of the education technology company that creates and publishes Filmbook apps.

Our apps drive learning and deepen competence. You’ll find them to be beautifully designed, logically organized, and easy-to-use.

Filmbook Platform

Our mobile learning platform is flexible and can emphasize either films or a built-in book. Let’s look at both examples.

Lead with the film

Example: The Filmbook® State Board app

Here, there’s one longer film for each class, and it’s the main feature on the home screen. This featured film provides a full look at the subject matter.

We have linked specific timecodes in the film to book procedures and to questions. The result?

Students can swipe up on the corner of the film at any time—to pause it and read the underlying book. Also, each question automatically pauses the film (at the designated timecode). Once the student answers that question, the film resumes.

Filmbook State Board app shown in two iPads
Two screens from the Filmbook State Board app. Here, the film leads, and the book tracks along underneath, a swipe away.

Lead with the book

Example: The Filmbook® Cosmetology app

Here the book is the main feature on the home screen. So we placed the films directly inside the book pages. Each film appears as a single book page with a play button.

We found that leading with the book is better when you have multiple short films that enhance specific sections of the book.

Also, we created a  film library page. This shows all the films, categorized by topic.

Filmbook Cosmetology app shown in four iPhones
Several screens from the Filmbook Cosmetology app. Here, the book leads and the films are placed (where they’re relevant) inside the pages of the book.

Two Filmbook Products on the App Store

Currently, there are two Filmbook education apps on the App Store. We designed both for the cosmetology industry.

The Filmbook® State Board app

  • Audience: Cosmetology students, cosmetology teachers, and cosmetology schools.
  • Market: U.S. and Canada.
  • Purpose:  Prepare for the cosmetology state board licensing exam. Use Filmbook Cosmetology in the classroom or for distance learning.

Filmbook State Board app logo

The Filmbook® Cosmetology app

  • Audience: Cosmetology students, cosmetology apprentices, cosmetology schools, salon owners, beauty educators.
  • Market: U.S., Canada, and select English-speaking countries worldwide.
  • Purpose: Learn cosmetology or teach cosmetology. Use Filmbook Cosmetology in the classroom or for distance learning.

Filmbook Cosmetology App logo


Learn more about the thinking that’s behind the two Filmbook apps. Find out about Filmbook and its current focus on the beauty industry.