Filmbook Leadership

Hi there. Meet the Filmbook leadership team. We’re an education technology company that creates and publishes iOS apps. We have two apps on the market now: the Filmbook® State Board app, available in the U.S., and the Filmbook® Cosmetology app, available in the U.S. and select English-speaking countries worldwide.

Neal Tillotson, Filmbook Co-Founder and CEO

Neal has led technology and product in four education startups since 1999, one achieving over $100 million in revenue. He also has thousands of hours of one-on-one music teaching experience.

Neal conceptualized the Filmbook  mobile learning platform, which led to the founding of Minneapolis-based edtech startup Cambio Education in 2013.

At Cambio Education, Neal led the software, curriculum, design, and film teams in a two-year project to build the Filmbook platform—and the first Filmbook curriculum, a 48-class training program for future cosmetologists that was successfully used in over 80 schools nationwide.

Neal Tillotson, CEO and co-founder, Filmbook

Neal’s mission with Filmbook is to bring that same success to a broader range of vocational and performance-based training needs.

Two apps are the result: the Filmbook Cosmetology app, released May 2020 and the Filmbook State Board app, released November 2018.

Neal holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Delaware. He began his career as a musician, performing in East Coast venues from New York City to Savannah. A self-taught programmer, he began writing business software in the early ’90s.

Gwyneth Dwyer, Filmbook Co-Founder and CMO

Gwyneth brings over 25 years of B2C and B2B marketing, creative, content, and branding expertise to Filmbook. And, she named the brand. What particularly delights her about the name “Filmbook” is its simplicity. It’s immediately understandable, and just take a look at that fabulous URL:

Gwyneth Dwyer, CMO and co-founder, Filmbook

Particularly relevant to Gwyneth’s role at Filmbook was her tenure at Regency Beauty Institute, where as VP of Brand she and her team increased leads 50 percent year over year through social media marketing and achieved over 900 organic blog leads per month through effective B2C content creation.

At the core of Gwyneth’s expertise is writing (or if you prefer to label it with a more current term, content creation). Gwyneth began her career as a freelance copywriter in Boston, writing hundreds of highly effective promotions for the Harvard Business School Publishing Division and gaining invaluable business acumen as she distilled the benefits of HBS material into snappy selling copy.

Perhaps the most fun she’s had in her career—apart from this incredible Filmbook adventure—was creating an entirely new brand voice for Buffalo Wild Wings. Yes, she got to write copy for wet naps and wing boats.

Gwyneth holds an M.A. and a B.A., cum laude, in English from the University of Delaware.

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