Struggling to Teach Cosmetology School Online?

    Trying to build a good solid program for your cosmetology school online? Hitting a wall?

    We get it. Teaching cosmetology is hard enough in the traditional cosmetology school classroom. And now your job just got a lot harder.

    Many schools have turned to their beauty educators and said you need to teach cosmetology school online.

    What do you do?

    You’re a cosmetologist and an educator. Not a technology expert. Or a digital producer.

    Here’s what an online cosmetology school program should do.

    Cosmetology school online should accomplish several key objectives:

    1. Present students with a logical sequence of online cosmetology classes.
    2. Explain every topic in basic cosmetology clearly, with images or films.
    3. Test students, grade their tests, and give them feedback on those tests.
    4. Keep students busy practicing so they master fundamental techniques.
    5. Handle the fact that every student works at a different pace.

    Here’s what many schools do, instead.

    Patch together an assortment of YouTube videos. Add homemade teacher lectures. Create PDF cosmetology tests. (How do you grade those?)

    Or teach on Zoom meetings. And try to keep students focused on cosmetology theory and sanitation regulations.

    Or purchase one expensive piece of a curriculum. And find out it is poorly thought out. And inadequate. Or buggy. (And students are frustrated.)

    The results are mixed.

    Let’s face it. The results of quickly assembled online cosmetology school programs have been mixed.

    • The material was disjointed. Or incomplete.
    • Necessary practices were hard to assign.
    • Tests were missing.
    • Students couldn’t keep up. Or they were bored because the pace was too slow.

    Online cosmetology school isn’t going away. Distance learning is here to stay.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professionally created, student-centered, teacher-tested online cosmetology school curriculum ready to go? Right now?

    A curriculum that came from a beauty school? And trained thousands of cosmetologists in the U.S.?

    A curriculum that you can use in the classroom on iPads. Or as part of a distance learning initiative on student iPhones?

    That online cosmetology curriculum is here. It’s the Filmbook® Cosmetology app. And it’s everything you need to get your cosmetology school online program up and running today. Cost-effectively.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app is for online cosmetology school.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app is professional, structured, complete, and ready to go.

    It was road tested and perfected in one of the largest U.S. cosmetology schools. It’s a complete curriculum for cosmetology school online—with 37 classes and over 50 films.

    Filmbook Cosmetology seamlessly integrates all the components of an effective online cosmetology school curriculum into a beautiful, functional app. It’s the easiest way to do online cosmetology school right.

    This video gives you an idea of the depth of the curriculum inside the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

    Here’s a look at the homescreen for the Filmbook Cosmetology class teaching a graduated haircut. 

    Teaching cosmetology school online? Try the Filmbook Cosmetology app, shown here on an iPhone. This is the Graduated Layers class.
    See the four tabs? LEARN, PRACTICE, TEST, DRILL. The entire Filmbook Cosmetology curriculum is structured for student learning. Step-by-step.


    A teacher-tested, student-centered curriculum for cosmetology school online.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app works seamlessly on your classroom iPads or on student iPhones.

    It’s perfect for classroom or distance learning. Think of it as an accompaniment to your existing curriculum. Or a complete plug-and-play cosmetology school online program.

    Download Filmbook Cosmetology on the App Store

    Complete curriculum for online cosmetology school

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app gives beauty educators and cosmetology students a complete curriculum of structured, carefully sequenced courses ready to go for the online classroom. And, there’s a Teacher Edition that includes practice service consults for every one of the classes listed here:

    Course 1: Hair Design
    • Thermal styling class
    • Wet styling class
    • Updos & Braids class
    Course 2: Haircutting Level 1
    • One-Length Haircut class
    • Graduated Haircut class
    • Layered Haircut class
    • Clipper Cut class
    Course 3: Haircutting Level 2
    • Long Layers class
    • Graduated Layers class
    • Razor Cut class
    Course 4: Haircolor Level 1
    • Solid Haircolor class
    • Retouch Haircolor class
    • Double Process Haircolor class
    • Dimensional Haircolor class
    Course 5: Haircolor Level 2
    • Retouch Double Process class
    • Multidimensional class
    • Color Fill & Color-Back class
    Course 6: Chemical Texture Level 1
    • Basic Perm class
    • Specialty Spiral Perm class
    • Virgin Relaxer class
    • Retouch Relaxer class
    Course 7: Chemical Texture Level 2
    • Thio Straightener class
    • Curl Reforming class
    • Specialty Double Rod Perm class
    • Directional Bricklay Perm class
    Course 8: Skin & Nails
    • Natural Nails class
    • Acrylic, Get & Sculptured Nails class
    • Salon Skin Services class
    Course 9: Extensions & Textured Hair Techniques
    • Hair Extensions class
    • Curl Diffusion & Partial Relaxer class
    • Retouch Curl Reform class
    • Textured Hair Techniques class
    Course 10: Cut, Color & Design
    • Balayage class
    • Asymmetry & Disconnection class
    • Dry Cutting & Men’s Cut class
    Course 11: Business & Career Skills
    • Starting Your Career
    • Owning a Salon

    Let’s take a look at ALL the features of this way to teach cosmetology school online. Starting with the built-in cosmetology book.

    Cosmetology school online? Yes, with a built-in cosmetology book.

    The illustrated book that’s built into the Filmbook Cosmetology app has hundreds of step-by-step procedures covering all the cosmetology basics. You’ll find the theory and practice of hairstyling, haircutting, haircoloring, chemical texture, skin and nails.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app gives you everything you would expect from a cosmetology school online program. This video shows you one example of how the app teaches a graduated layered haircut:

    You’ll find step-by-step cosmetology information, clearly written and effectively presented. And each page in the book is written according to learning science best practices: with a what-why-how structure.

    Read-Out-Loud option

    If some of your cosmetology students don’t like reading, you can turn on the Read-Out-Loud option.

    Cosmetology school online? This Filmbook Cosmetology for iPhone and iPads has a Read-Out-Loud option.

    Yes, the Filmbook Cosmetology app will read to students! Simply tap the microphone icon, shown in the image. You can also adjust the speed of the Read-Out-Loud feature in Settings.

    Cosmetology school online? Yes, with over 50 short how-to films.

    It’s not called “Filmbook” for nothing. This app contains Films + a Book.

    Each film clearly demonstrates a basic hairstyling tool or technique.

    Here are a few examples of the short films in the Filmbook Cosmetology app:

    • Create Horizontal Sections Film
    • Decide Finger Angle Film
    • Find the Four Corners Film
    • Overdirect Hair Film
    • Cut Round and Square Layers Film
    • Use Clipper & Comb Film
    • Texturize with a Razor Film
    • Weave a Subsection in Foiling Film
    • Attach Sew-in Extensions Film

    Students can watch over and over. So they really learn. And at their own pace.

    Plus, the Filmbook Cosmetology app also contains six detailed, step-by-step haircut films:

    • One-length Haircut film
    • Graduated Haircut film
    • Round Layered Haircut film
    • Clipper Haircut film
    • Male Square Layered Haircut film
    • Graduated Layered Haircut film

    And even better, there are right-hand and left-hand versions of several films.

    Right-hand and left-hand versions of films

    That’s right. Ten of the films in the app have both right-hand and left-hand versions. If they do, you’ll see a right-hand-left-hand icon in the upper right corner. Simply tap it to switch between the versions.

    Cosmetology school online? Yes! With the Filmbook Cosmetology app for iPhone or iPad you can even see right-hand films or left-hand films.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app has over 100 class tests.

    All ready to use in your cosmetology school online program.

    In each cosmetology class, you’ll find three completely different tests. (That means, all the questions are different.)

    Use the Filmbook Cosmetology app for cosmetology school online. This iPhone shows a sample test question from the Thermal Styling class.
    Here’s a sample test question from the Thermal Styling class. All the tests in the Filmbook Cosmetology app are open-book.

    Plus, each time students take a test, all the answers are randomized. That means you can’t predict which answer will show up in which spot.

    Use the Filmbook Cosmetology app for iPad or iPhone to take tests! This show the answer to a test question about hand sanitation in the salon.
    Here’s the answer. The Filmbook Cosmetology app gives helpful, detailed feedback on each answer, right or wrong. And BTW: Knowing about hand sanitation is really important now. And always. Especially for cosmetologists.

    To get started, students simply tap the test tab. 80 percent is a pass.

    Once students start a test, they can tap the bottom right corner of the screen and find the answer in the chapter. All the tests in the Filmbook Cosmetology app are open-book. But students will have to search for the answer in the pages of the book. And that’s good for learning.

    What’s also good for learning? Students get helpful feedback on each question they answer, right or wrong.

    Imagine cosmetology school online with easy, helpful test review.

    With the Filmbook Cosmetology app, your students can review any test once they take it. Just tap on any square that shows the score. The test review will begin.

    Use the Filmbook Cosmetology app to teach cosmetology school online. This iPhone shows a Test page in the Thermal Styling class. 80% to pass.
    Tell your students to review the tests they take in the Filmbook Cosmetology app! That’s how they can really lock in their learning.

    When students review their tests, a simple tap on the page flip in the right corner of the app takes them directly to the page in the book where they will find the answer.

    Tell your students that reviewing tests is a great way to check if you REALLY know something.

    Cosmetology school online? Yes, with over 200 structured practices.

    Cosmetology students need practice. Lots of it.

    That’s why structured practices are at the core of the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

    Each class has multiple practices built right in.

    The practices are constructed from the pages of the Filmbook Cosmetology book. Think of them as electronic procedure cards. Highly detailed, with images and text for each step of each procedure.

    Practices provide a structured path that your students can follow. This helps them develop mastery of every procedure and technique in the 37 Filmbook Cosmetology classes.

    And, a Teacher Edition

    Did you know there’s a Teacher Edition of the Filmbook Cosmetology app?

    It gives you detailed instructions on how to guide your students through these structured practices.

    • What to look for during your students’ practice services.
    • What to check during your students’ final consults.
    • How to give feedback to students that is helpful, explanatory, and encouraging.

    Think about it. How much time do you spend with your students, each week, hands in hair, helping them complete their practical requirements for graduation?

    A lot of time. And you know this one-on-one time is the essence of teaching cosmetology.

    The Teacher Edition of the Filmbook Cosmetology app focuses on these structured practice consults. It’s your go-to resource on hundreds of services—giving you expert guidance and helpful feedback.

    And, just so you have everything in one app, the Teacher Edition also gives your unlimited state board quizzes and over 1,200 flashcards. Everything you need to succeed as the best possible beauty educator. 🏆

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app offers Search, Bookmarks, and Highlights.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app has ALL the features you’d expect from a professional iPhone or iPad education app. Like Search, Bookmarks, and Highlights.


    Need to find something fast? Like “contributing pigment scale?” Use the search function! You’ll see the search icon on the home screen of the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

    Need a sophisticated way to teach cosmetology school online? Try the Filmbook Cosmetology app. It has a Search function. This example shows the search for "contributing pigment scale." Search helps students learn.
    You can search for any cosmetology term!

    This feature is helpful for both beauty educators and beauty school students.


    To bookmark a page, just tap the bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

    Your students can use the Bookmarks feature to mark the cosmetology content they find the most challenging. Here’s an example:

    Teaching cosmetology school online? Use the Filmbook Cosmetology app. Here, you can see the natural and contributing pigment scales from the Filmbook Cosmetology app shown on an iPhone.
    The Filmbook Cosmetology app lets you bookmark pages for easy reference.

    To get to your list of bookmarked pages simply return to the home screen, and tap the bookmark icon.

    Educators, you can use the bookmarks function to mark topics that need extra time. Or that students seem to struggle with.


    If you want to highlight a portion of the text, just tap and drag. Then tap “Highlight”

    Need to teach cosmetology school online? Rely on the Filmbook Cosmetology app for iPhone or iPad. Here, you see a page from the Double Process class on how to choose haircolor for toning.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app lets students highlight text in the book. This app is a great way to teach cosmetology school online.You can view your highlights easily.  Return to the home screen and tap the highlight icon.

    We all know highlights are great way to study. And that’s how this app is designed. To really help your students study and learn cosmetology.

    Your students get a huge cosmetology glossary.

    While learning from the Filmbook Cosmetology app, students can tap on any underlined word and the definition pops up!

    Teaching cosmetology school online? Try the Filmbook Cosmetology app for iPhone or iPad. It offers a built-in cosmetology glossary. Just tap a word and the definition appears. Here "demi formulation" is defined in the app.

    Or, students can go directly to the built-in glossary. There are over 1,200 definitions of key cosmetology terms in the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

    • Anatomy definitions—like angular artery. Epicranius. Latissimus dorsi.
    • Chemical definitions—like sodium hydroxide. Emulsifier. Surfactant.
    • Sanitation definitions—like phenolics. Fungicidal. Pseudomonacidal.
    • Scalp diseases and disorders definitions—like scabies. Malassezia. Scutula.
    • Nail diseases and disorders definitions—like pyogenic granuloma. Tinea pedis. Onychorrhexis.

    Need to find a particular set of cosmetology terms? You can filter the glossary by topics like those shown above.

    Cosmetology glossary from the Filmbook Cosmetology app shown on a iPhone.
    The Filmbook Cosmetology app has a glossary with 1,200 cosmetology terms. Here, the glossary is filtered by the topic “Infection Control.”


    Don’t struggle to build an online cosmetology school program.

    It’s already done for you.

    It’s the Filmbook Cosmetology app. And it’s the easiest way to do online cosmetology school right.

    Download Filmbook Cosmetology on the App Store

    Concentrate on the things you do best.

    Using the Filmbook Cosmetology app as part of your online cosmetology school program frees you up to concentrate on the things that only you can do best … Demonstrating difficult services, evaluating student work on mannequins, guiding students toward fulfilling their requirements for graduation.

    Most importantly, providing the expertise and wisdom students need to help them prepare for a successful cosmetology career.

    Education technology will never replace great human teachers. But a great learning app can and should model the methodology of a great teacher.

    Get the app created for a cosmetology school.

    Hundreds of cosmetology educators used the Filmbook app from 2014 to 2016 to teach full-time and part-time cosmetology students. The goal was to prepare them for careers in the beauty industry.

    You could only get the course material in this app if you were enrolled as a student at that U.S. cosmetology school. Or if you were a beauty educator.

    Until now.

    The Filmbook Cosmetology app is the first of its kind. You simply won’t find another app that has the 7 essentials of teaching cosmetology online.

    Filmbook Cosmetology. Student Centered. Teacher Tested.™

    Get your free preview today on the App Store!

    Until then, be well. Keep a kind heart. And never forget that the world needs your artistry.