Free Cosmetology Practice Test

Looking for a free 2024 cosmetology practice test? It’s right here in video form. Test yourself now. Can you answer these multiple-choice state board questions, created by cosmetology teachers?

If you’re in cosmetology school you know the cosmetology state board exam is in your future. It’s the most important test you will ever take. Your future as a licensed cosmetologist depends on it.

Let’s get started!

Take this Free Cosmetology Practice Test

Even if your state board exam is months away, you should take this free cosmetology practice test now.  It was created with the guidance of cosmetology teachers nationwide. And it’s taken directly from the Filmbook® State Board app. Watch the video, and see if YOU can answer the questions correctly.

By the way, it doesn’t matter what cosmetology school you go to. The cosmetology practice test questions in the Filmbook State Board app can help you pass your state’s licensing exam.

Cosmetology Practice Test Questions

Now about this cosmetology practice test. It includes multiple-choice questions like these:

  1. How many times should you test the curl on a single perm rod?
  2. Which organism is most likely to survive a dousing in liquid soap?
  3. How should you curl hair base to ends?
  4. What’s the best way to describe a circuit?
  5. What is mercaptamine?

😱 Have you ever even heard of mercaptamine?? Watch our cosmetology practice test video to find out what it is.

More Cosmetology Practice Test Questions

So here are five more practice questions from the Filmbook State Board app:

  1. What shape is the follicle in coily hair?
  2. How does the degree of elevation change as you work your way up from the nape in a graduated cut?
  3. What can you do to prevent electrical shocks?
  4. How can you ensure the toner is processing evenly in the second half of a double process retouch service?
  5. What kind of relaxer doesn’t require a scalp base?

Yikes. Are you ready to answer all this??

We have a suggestion for you. There’s a cosmetology state board app that can give you the confidence and the knowledge you need to succeed. Right at your fingertips. Right on your phone.

State Board Quizzes page from the Filmbook State Board app shown on an iPhone. 80% to pass

You always have your phone with you, right? This app is Filmbook State Board, and you can download a FREE preview right here. 👇🏾

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Even More Cosmetology Practice Test Questions

Now just like the cosmetology written exam, the cosmetology practice exams in the Filmbook State Board app are multiple-choice and timed.

If you want to be a cosmetologist, you just can’t practice enough.

How many blowdrys have you done? What about graduated haircuts. How many have you done? Virgin relaxers. You’ve practiced, right?

So c’mon start practicing for your state board exam. Now.  Here are more cosmetology practice test questions:

Fragilitas crinium is commonly called:

  • Brittle hair
  • Beaded hair
  • White hair
  • Ringed hair

What’s the answer?

Hold for it …

  • Brittle hair

And here’s the feedback you get on your answer, courtesy of the Filmbook State Board app:

“Fragilitas crinium is also known as brittle hair. It’s a disorder caused by a lack of protein. It can be improved with the application of protein treatments.”

Let’s try another question from the cosmetology practice test:

You should use________on hair with average porosity?

  • Normal strength perm solution
  • Extra-strength perm solution
  • No-peroxide perm solution
  • Mild perm solution

Do you know the answer?

Here it is:

  • Normal strength perm solution

And here’s the feedback that the Filmbook State Board app gives you:

“Use a normal strength perm solution on hair with average porosity. Hair with average porosity doesn’t have a tenacious cuticle, so you don’t need an extra-strength solution.”

Quiz feedback is super important!

By the way, other cosmetology apps do NOT give you helpful feedback on your answers. And other cosmetology apps do NOT have a built in book underneath all the quizzes to make sure you really understand the material.

And other cosmetology apps do not randomize the questions. They just feed you the same questions in the same order over and over and over.) BORING. And ineffective.

So get the Filmbook State Board app. Download your FREE preview today!

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Pass Your Cosmetology State Board

We want YOU to pass the cosmetology state board test!

Cosmetology License Illustration from Filmbook Cosmetology article on passing the cosmetology practice test

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Before we go …

Do Students Fail the Cosmetology State Board?

Yes. You do need to know that, sadly, many students fail the written portion of the cosmetology test. In Texas, for example, the failure rate for the written cosmetology exam was almost 50%

If you live in Texas, check out these free practice questions for the Texas cosmetology exam.

Okay, so you may not live in Texas. What’s the failure rate for your state??  Do you know?

You should find out. And you should prepare. Because you do NOT want to be adding to that statistic.

Don’t get scared. Get prepared.™

Start studying for your state board exam NOW with the Filmbook State Board app.

Finally …

Keep a kind heart.

Look out for one another.

And never forget that the world needs your artistry.