Beauty School Online? Take this Free Class

Beauty school online?

Cosmetology school online with a free class?

Really? Yes.

Get started with a FREE Graduated Layered Haircut class right on your iPhone. Or iPad. And see how you like it.

You’ll learn about elevation and finger angle. And how they affect the perimeter of a graduated layered haircut.

In this free cosmetology class you’ll also learn about weight distribution. That’s a really important concept in haircutting. Weight distribution can be used to create balance or density in your haircuts.

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What is the Cosmetology Test?

The cosmetology test is a written and practical timed test required by each state. You have to pass this cosmetology test with a 70 or 80 percent, depending on your state, in order to get a cosmetology license and officially practice cosmetology in that state.

Many students fail the cosmetology test, even though they have successfully completed all the requirements for cosmetology school.

Don’t let that happen to you! Learn more about the cosmetology state board test. It’s an important first step in your success as a hairstylist.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about the cosmetology test.

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Cosmetology State Board Practice Test

Starting cosmetology school? Already in cosmetology school? You should take a cosmetology state board practice test. The sooner you start practicing for the 2021 cosmetology state board exam, the better you’ll feel when the day arrives, and the better you’ll do. 🏆

How soon should you take a practice test? How about your first day of cosmetology school.

Well, OK. Maybe the first day of school is for opening your kit, meeting new friends, and experimenting with your new cosmo tools. But there’s no reason you can’t take a cosmetology state board practice test the second day. Or the second week. Or as SOON as possible. Get started now! Right here.

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Cosmetology State Board California: Pass!

Hey Californian! Do you want to be a cosmetologist? That means you have to pass the cosmetology state board in California. 😳

You have to take a practical exam and a written exam. Most people pass the practical exam. They know how to cut and color hair.

But the California written cosmetology exam? It’s hard. It’s 100 timed, multiple choice questions.

Lots of people fail. We can help you pass!

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Struggling to Teach Cosmetology School Online?

Trying to build a good solid program for your cosmetology school online? Hitting a wall?

We get it. Teaching cosmetology is hard enough in the traditional cosmetology school classroom. And now your job just got a lot harder.

In the last 6 months, many schools have turned to their beauty educators and said you need to teach cosmetology school online.

What do you do?

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10 Cosmetology Facts You Didn’t Know

Hey, you 👋! Yeah, you.  Staring into your phone like a pro. What cosmetology facts do you know ?

“Um … not many. Cosmetology is just, like, hairstyling, right? Sounds interesting, but I’m not sure where to start.”

We totally feel you. Cosmetology is a huge industry with lots of different paths and parts. Figuring out if it’s right for you can be overwhelming. There’s a whole lot of information to take in.

But really, you only need to know these 10 cosmetology facts.

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Cosmetology State Board Texas

So y’all want your cosmetology license in Texas? That means you have to pass the Texas cosmetology state board.

We know it.  Those dreams of yours … they’re as big as this state. Keep working it. Texas needs your talent. Your artistry. Your style.

But there’s a Texas-size problem we gotta tell you about. And it could be standing in the way of your success.

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How to Pass the Cosmetology State Board Test

How to pass the cosmetology state board test? OMG😱

Those eight words can inspire anxiety, if not panic, in the boldest beauty student, the most courageous cosmetologist-in-training.

 Don’t get scared. Get prepared.™

Start studying for your cosmetology state board test when you start school. Continue studying and practicing throughout your program. That way you won’t be cramming at the last minute.

Cramming doesn’t work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’re an artist. This is your career. Your future.

Don’t procrastinate.

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Free Cosmetology Practice Test

Looking for a free 2021 cosmetology practice test? It’s right here in video form. Test yourself now. Can you answer these multiple-choice state board questions, created by cosmetology teachers?

If you’re in cosmetology school you know the cosmetology state board exam is in your future. It’s the most important test you will ever take. Your future as a licensed cosmetologist depends on it.

Let’s get started!

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