Beauty School Online? Take this Free Class

Beauty school online?

Cosmetology school online with a free class?

Really? Yes.

Get started with a FREE Graduated Layered Haircut class right on your iPhone. Or iPad. And see how you like it.

You’ll learn about elevation and finger angle. And how they affect the perimeter of a graduated layered haircut.

In this free cosmetology class you’ll also learn about weight distribution. That’s a really important concept in haircutting. Weight distribution can be used to create balance or density in your haircuts.

Beauty School Online? Try Beauty School in an App!™

Are you thinking about becoming a professional hairstylist? A great way to start is to take a FREE class from our online cosmetology school app.

Hi! We’re the Filmbook® Cosmetology app. And we have 37 complete cosmetology classes. You get one free. And you can take ALL of them when you subscribe!

You can learn all about haircutting, hairstyling, haircoloring, chemical texture, textured hair, and hair extensions. If you’re already in cosmetology school, you can get super smart and talented. (Think of the Filmbook Cosmetology app as your best kept secret.)

For those of you who are younger, the Filmbook Cosmetology app is a great way to convince your parents that you really do want to go to beauty school. And the app is so cost-effective. Just $4.99/month.

Heads up!  If you live in the U.S., you still must finish a set number of hours at a beauty school and pass a cosmetology state board licensing exam to become a professional cosmetologist.

That’s the rules!

In other countries, you may be able to practice cosmetology after learning  cosmetology school online. It totally depends on where you live—and how cosmetologists in your country are licensed.

So check the regulations in your state, province, or country to make sure you get the correct information on how to become a practicing cosmetologist or licensed beautician. Or hairstylist. Whatever it’s called where you live.

Get Started with a Free Graduated Layers Haircut Class

In our free cosmetology class, you’ll learn how elevation and finger angle affect the perimeter of a graduated layered haircut. You’ll see how four perimeters help you plan hair design. And you’ll get smart about scalp conditions and treatments.

Get started in Beauty School online with a FREE class for iPhone or iPad on Graduated Layers. Try the Filmbook Cosmetology app

There’s more! You’ll also see how to section hair for graduation (the act of cutting hair from shorter to longer on an angle).

Then, you’ll learn how to subsection below the occipital, which is the curved bone at the back of the skull.

At this point in the class, you will cut your guideline below the occipital. This determines the angle for your graduated layered cut.

Watch the film to see more of the steps in a graduated layered haircut.


Better yet, be sure to get your free cosmetology class on the App Store.

Four Free Cosmetology Films

As part of your free Graduated Layered Haircut class, you get three short theory films and a detailed, step-by-step haircut film on graduated layers. Here are the details:

1. Free Finger Angle Film

Did you know? Finger angle is a principle of haircutting that guides the interior and perimeter lines. It also determines where the weight and movement is in the cut. Finger angle can point in toward the head, or out away from the head.

Get this: You get a free film on finger angle when you download the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

Finger Angle Film still shown on iPhone-part of the Filmbook Cosmetology app

2. Free Finger Position Film

There are three finger positions in a haircut: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

Finger position influences haircut shape. Finger position and subsections are two important haircutting principles that every cosmetologist needs to learn. Get the Filmbook Cosmetology app and learn about finger position. You get a free film on finger position when you download the app.

3. Free Overdirection Film

When you shift hair out of its natural falling position it’s called “overdirection.”

The short film in the free Filmbook Cosmetology class shows you how overdirection creates weight and length in the opposite direction. For instance, if you overdirect hair from front to back, the hair is longer and heavier in the front. There are two reasons to use overdirection, and this film shows you both.

4. Free Graduated Layers Haircut Film

Graduated layered cuts are popular, but they can be difficult. Learn how to set up a plan for layering, decide on interior length, cut your guideline below the occipital, and maintain the perimeter angle.

Get a free, step-by-step Graduated Layered Haircut film when you download a free preview of the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

  • Do finger angle, finger position, and overdirection interest you?
  • Do you want to learn all the steps involved in a graduated layered haircut?
  • Can you see yourself learning more about haircutting and haircoloring?
  • Does it make sense to study cosmetology for your career?

Yes? Then check out the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

Beauty School Online! Learn Basic Cosmetology Step-by-Step

When you subscribe to the Filmbook Cosmetology app, you can unlock over 50 short how-to films.

Take Beauty School online using an app with how-to cosmetology films. Try the Filmbook Cosmetology app for iPhone or iPad

You can watch these cosmetology films over and over—to really lock in your learning. You can see everything you need to know up close. On your iPhone or your iPad.

Here’s the advantage. You don’t have to hope you have a good view of your teacher at the front of the classroom doing a demonstration. Or what if you missed school that day.

With these cosmetology films and this built-in illustrated step-by-step cosmetology book, you can really learn.

You’ll learn how to perform a round layered cut. Or how to cut round vs. square layers. These are important cosmetology fundamentals. And they’ll be right at your fingertips.

How to set your finger angle in a square layered haircut. Image from the Filmbook Cosmetology app, shown on an iPad

Learn What You’ll Learn in Beauty School! Online in an App.

The information in the Filmbook Cosmetology app teaches you step-by-step. The entire curriculum was created by a nationwide cosmetology school. Every class is loaded with pictures, and there are over 50 short films to explain basic cosmetology concepts.

Plus, you get practice exercises with every class, just like you would in cosmetology school. So get your mannequins or live models and get started. There’s a lot to learn!

Created for a Cosmetology School. Now Available for You.

Hundreds of cosmetology educators used the Filmbook app to teach cosmetology students—and to prepare them for careers in the beauty industry.

You could only get the material in this app—37 cosmetology classes, over 50 films, structured practices, over 100 tests—if you were enrolled as a student at that U.S. cosmetology school.

Until now.

The Filmbook Cosmetology app is the first of its kind.

This short video gives you a look at the online cosmetology classes that are part of the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

Want to Learn Foils? Balayage? Double Process?

You can! Learn all about foils and dimensional haircolor in the Filmbook Cosmetology app.

Once you subscribe, you’ll see how to weave a subsection. When to use weaving versus slicing. Where and how to place color. How to remove foils properly.

Beauty school online in the Filmbook Cosmetology app, showing how to place color on a foil

A subscription is just $4.99/month! It includes ALL 37 classes. We don’t believe in making you pay one-by-one for classes. We have one low price that includes everything. It’s a great way to learn cosmetology. To enhance what you’re learning in school. Or to see if cosmetology is the right career for you!

Download Filmbook Cosmetology on the App Store

The Filmbook Cosmetology app gives you classes on solid haircolor, retouch haircolor, double process haircolor (always popular), and retouching double process haircolor.

On the go? Go to beauty school online with the Filmbook Cosmetology app on iPhone showing Double Process haircolor class

You can learn dimensional haircolor, multidimensional haircolor (highlights and low lights), color-fill and color-back, and balayage.

Want to Learn Haircutting Online?

You can! When you subscribe to the Filmbook Cosmetology app, you unlock ALL classes. That includes classes on layered haircuts, graduated haircuts, and asymmetrical cuts (now, those are hard).

Graduated haircut class from Filmbook Cosmetology app, a way to attend beauty school online

You’ll get classes on clipper cuts, dry cutting, and men’s cuts.

You can see short how-to films on cutting round and square layers, texturizing with a razor, and using a clipper and comb.

How to perform a Clipper Over Comb haircut from the Filmbook Cosmetology app

You’ll be able to unlock detailed, step-by-step films:

  • One-length Haircut film
  • Graduated Haircut film
  • Round Layered Haircut film
  • Clipper Haircut film
  • Male Square Layered Haircut film

And you can learn the key principles of hair design, the five hair traits, and how elevation and finger angle help you make important hair design decisions.

5 haircutting principles from the Filmbook Cosmetology app shown on an iPhone

Learn Chemical Texture

When you subscribe to the Filmbook Cosmetology app, you can unlock multiple classes on chemical texture. Virgin relaxers, retouch relaxer, thio straightener (keratin treatments), curl reforming, and textured hair techniques.

Learn how to straighten hair safely for those guests who want the service. You can learn how to determine hair porosity, density, and elasticity—and the relationship of these hair traits to the services you are performing.

Determine hair density before you subsection hair for a relaxer application, as shown on the Filmbook Cosmetology app on an iPhone

Basic perms, specialty spiral perms, specialty double rod perms, and directional bricklay perms. It’s all here.

Plus, step-by-step classes on hair design and hairstyling, including updos, French braids, cornrows, twists, and locks.

Looking for Beauty School Online? 37 Classes in an App!

Wondering what you learn in cosmetology school? Here it is. All in the Filmbook Cosmetology app

Course 1: Hair Design
  • Thermal styling class
  • Wet styling class
  • Updos & Braids class
Course 2: Haircutting Level 1
  • One-Length Haircut class
  • Graduated Haircut class
  • Layered Haircut class
  • Clipper Cut class
Course 3: Haircutting Level 2
  • Long Layers class
  • Graduated Layers class
  • Razor Cut class
Course 4: Haircolor Level 1
  • Solid Haircolor class
  • Retouch Haircolor class
  • Double Process Haircolor class
  • Dimensional Haircolor class
Course 5: Haircolor Level 2
  • Retouch Double Process class
  • Multidimensional class
  • Color Fill & Color-Back class
Course 6: Chemical Texture Level 1
  • Basic Perm class
  • Specialty Spiral Perm class
  • Virgin Relaxer class
  • Retouch Relaxer class
Course 7: Chemical Texture Level 2
  • Thio Straightener class
  • Curl Reforming class
  • Specialty Double Rod Perm class
  • Directional Bricklay Perm class
Course 8: Skin & Nails
  • Natural Nails class
  • Acrylic, Get & Sculptured Nails class
  • Salon Skin Services class
Course 9: Extensions & Textured Hair Techniques
  • Hair Extensions class
  • Curl Diffusion & Partial Relaxer class
  • Retouch Curl Reform class
  • Textured Hair Techniques class
Course 10: Cut, Color & Design
  • Balayage class
  • Asymmetry & Disconnection class
  • Dry Cutting & Men’s Cut class
Course 11: Business & Career Skills
  • Starting Your Career
  • Owning a Salon

Download Filmbook Cosmetology on the App Store

Online Beauty School? This App has a Read-Out-Loud Option.

Oh, and we almost forget to tell you. The Filmbook Cosmetology app comes with a read-out-loud option. Just tap it and start.

That’s a great way to learn. Plus, listening can reinforce what you already know.


And a Cosmetology Glossary!

The Filmbook Cosmetology app also includes a 1,200 word cosmetology glossary. So you can understand cosmetology terminology like … Adipose. Bacilli. Canities. Demi-permanent haircolor. Effleurage.

Cosmetology Glossary shown on iPad and iPhone from the Filmbook Cosmetology app

Beauty School Online. In an App!

Are you looking for a free online class on cosmetology?

Try the Filmbook Cosmetology app.  And get your FREE Graduated Layers haircut class. But we want you to have even more cosmetology classes. And to do that, you need a subscription. Start with your free preview.

Get a free beauty school online class on graduated layers with the Filmbook Cosmetology app. This page shows how to cut the guideline below the occipital.

Beauty Educators and Parents: Learn about the Learning Science

You should know that there’s learning science inside the Filmbook Cosmetology app. It was created by a team of master cosmetologists, curriculum writers, and edtech innovators. And it was created for one of the largest cosmetology schools in the U.S., where it trained thousands of students at 80 campuses in 20 states. Seriously, it’s the real deal. Check it out:

Download Filmbook Cosmetology on the App Store

Until then, be well. Keep a kind heart. And remember, the world needs your artistry.