10 Cosmetology Facts You Didn’t Know

Hey, you 👋! Yeah, you.  Staring into your phone like a pro. What cosmetology facts do you know ?

“Um … not many. Cosmetology is just, like, hairstyling, right? Sounds interesting, but I’m not sure where to start.”

We totally feel you. Cosmetology is a huge industry with lots of different paths and parts. Figuring out if it’s right for you can be overwhelming. There’s a whole lot of information to take in.

But really, you only need to know these 10 cosmetology facts.

1. Cosmetology is a crazy artistic career.

Cosmetologists are some of the most creative people out there. They’re talented, unique artists. All those gorgeous balayages, stunning updos, pastel hair colors, intricate braids, and dramatic makeup looks you see on Instagram? Most of them are done by cosmetologists. They create art that people live with every day. 
Cosmetology image of foil in auburn hair with comb

2. Cosmetology is way more than hair.

Yes, cosmetologists do everything from haircuts to colors to relaxers to perms. But they might also specialize in incredibly intricate nail art or perform luxury manicures and pedicures. Some of them find their passion in facials and skincare, while others focus on event makeup and photoshoot styling. No matter what your passion is, you can find a branch of cosmetology that’ll help you realize it. Cosmetology student giving a manicure using Red Nail Polish

3. Cosmetology is really all about people.

If you ask a cosmetologist why he or she loves her job, you’ll probably hear something like, “I like making people happy.” Cosmetologists transform their guests’ moods every day. It’s not just about the hair, nails, skin or makeup—it’s about connecting with the person who’s sitting in your chair. Not only do you get to make people look and feel great—you might even be inspired by them.

4. You can finish cosmetology school in a year.

Depending on your state, it only takes about a year to finish cosmetology school if you attend full-time—and don’t skip classes. You know it. Hard work pays off. OK, can’t commit that much time? If you can’t go full-time, you can finish in about two years by taking cosmetology classes part-time, where they’re available.

You can also take a wide variety of cosmetology classes online—especially those sophisticated learning apps for cosmetology education.

Many cosmetology schools offer online or distance learning programs. But note that because cosmetology is a regulated profession in the U.S., you can’t get a license to practice cosmetology simply by completing online cosmetology classes.

Cosmetology kit including mannequin, perm rods, curlers, marcel iron, water bottle and more

5. Cosmetology school prepares you to do … lots.

When you graduate from cosmetology school and pass your cosmetology state board test, you’ll be licensed to cut, color, and style hair and perform nail and skin services.

You’ll be a true creative, with a wide variety of skills—which is always a good thing. Barber school typically prepares you to cut hair, but not to work on nails or skin. Esthetician and nail technology schools typically prepare you to work only on skin or nails, not hair. Take note: What you are licensed to do depends on the state where you take your cosmetology test.

6. Some cosmetology jobs might surprise you.

For example, did you know that some cosmetologists work in hospital and morgues? Desairologists are stylists who prepare people who have died for their funerals. Esthecaregivers and massage caregivers work in hospitals, helping people who can’t groom themselves maintain healthy skin and muscles.

If helping people who can’t help themselves is something you’re passionate about, cosmetology is a unique way to do it.

7. Cosmetology is constantly changing.

Sombre, coffee balayage, color melting, the bob, the lob, the wob, baby fringe, wet look waves. And more!

If you work in a high-end salon, cosmetology can be all about trends and change. It’s hard to get bored when being good at your job means keeping up with the latest thing.

Who doesn’t like being a style influencer at the forefront of cool? By the time you read this, there will be another new cosmetology trend.

8. Cosmetology encourages you to learn.

One of the coolest things about cosmetology is that you’ll never run out of new things to learn. It’s a huge creative field where new techniques and trends show up all the time. (Baby Bang Mullet, anyone?) As a cosmetologist, you’ll always have opportunities to improve your skills and move forward as an artist.

Even when you’re in cosmetology school, you can learn beyond what’s being taught in the classroom with good online cosmetology classes.

You want to be the best cosmetologist you can be, right?

9. Cosmetology isn’t just all curls and color.

Cosmetology jobs can definitely seem glamorous. After all, you get paid to make people look great.

But cosmetology is not necessarily easy. You have to complete cosmetology school. And you have to pass the cosmetology state board test to get your license.

Once you’re licensed, you have to be prepared for long days on your feet and sometimes unusual work hours. You may encounter difficult or demanding guests. You have to understand and practice strict sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization requirements in the salon.

But if you love making people look and feel beautiful, the joy you get from a cosmetology career can make any challenging day worthwhile.

And hey. You’ve gotta grind if you wanna shine!

10. Cosmetology comes with a test.

Now this is an important cosmetology fact. Cosmetology comes with a test. A cosmetology state board licensing test😳. And it’s really hard. Like harder than staying off social media for a full 24 hours.

A lot of people fail it.

In many states, the failure rates for the written cosmetology test are over 40 percent. And here’s an example of a written cosmetology test failure rate near 50 percent

No matter what state you live in, that’s a lot of L’s.

Why does this happen?

  • Cosmetologists are artists. The test is analytical.
  • Cosmetologists are visual performers. The written test is multiple choice and timed.

It’s a test for artists written like a test for scientists. That’s lame. But you gotta deal with it.

Yeah, you can certainly take the cosmetology state board licensing test more than once, but you don’t need that stress. And also you have to pay again which isn’t cheap. That’s a no go.

We think it’s time more of you artists passed the state board test. 

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Or how to perform a virgin lightener application. Lay a bricklay perm.  Cut an asymmetrical cut with dimensional panel haircolor💪.

Uh huh. That smart. You can even start right now with a free online cosmetology class!

You ready to become an artist? Thought so. So let’s do this.

And finally. Keep a kind heart.  Look out for one another.  And remember: Diversity is what makes us beautiful.