Learn cosmetology! Prepare for your cosmetology exam!

Do you want to learn cosmetology?

Do you need to prepare for your cosmetology state board licensing exam?

Filmbook has two cosmetology apps. And one—or both—could be right for you!

The Filmbook® Cosmetology app

Beauty School in an App!™ It’s here. A comprehensive, structured, step-by-step cosmetology curriculum. Available right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Learn cosmetology! Or teach it—using the Filmbook Cosmetology app. This is a full cosmetology curriculum: 37 classes, over 50 how-to films, an illustrated book, and over 100 tests! And it’s available in both a Student Edition and a Teacher Edition.

Filmbook Cosmetology App logoThe Filmbook Cosmetology app covers all cosmetology fundamentals. You’ll learn haircutting, hairstyling, haircoloring, chemical texture, textured hair, hair extensions, and basic skin and nail services. It’s all here.

Plus, you’ll find complete information on sanitation, sterilization, and disinfection.

Learn Cosmetology!

The Filmbook Cosmetology app can help you succeed. No matter what cosmetology school you’re in—or plan to attend.

If you’re a beauty educator, this app gives you a proven, teacher-tested curriculum for students. Every class is organized as a complete salon service. And, if you subscribe to the Teacher Edition, you also get practice service consults for every one of the 37 cosmetology classes and unlimited state board quizzes.

Filmbook Cosmetology. Student-Centered. Teacher-Tested.™

Filmbook Cosmetology App Graduated Haircut Screen on iPhone
The Filmbook Cosmetology app! This is just one of the 37 classes in the app. Get a free preview on the App Store!

Who is the Filmbook Cosmetology app for?

  • Current and future cosmetology students: Learn haircutting, styling, coloring, chemical texture, textured hair, and hair extensions. Works with and enhances any school program.
  • Cosmetology apprentices: Learn cosmetology step-by-step. Use the structured practice exercises to build your skills.
  • Licensed hairstylists: Refresh your skills. Check your knowledge. Expand your offerings.
  • Beauty educators: Build a complete, cost-effective cosmetology program with this curriculum. Rely on the course material in the Filmbook Cosmetology app. It was created by a team of cosmetology educators, curriculum writers, and learning science specialists to successfully train thousands of students at one of the largest cosmetology schools in the U.S. The app also offers you a Teacher Edition with practice service consults for every class, plus unlimited state board quizzes.
  • Salon owners: Train your staff. Onboard new hires. Expand your services.
  • Anyone interested in learning cosmetology or considering a career in hairstyling. The Filmbook Cosmetology app is a great way to test-drive what it means to be a professional cosmetologist. Or get a jump on the skills you’ll need in beauty school.

The Filmbook® State Board App

State board? State of total confidence.™  You can prep to pass your cosmetology state board exam—with the Filmbook® State Board app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The Filmbook State Board app is specifically designed for the way artists learn.

Filmbook State Board app logo

It’s the only cosmetology state board app that gives you over 20 minutes of film on state board topics. An easy-to-read book that tracks along with the film. Unlimited state board quizzes for one low fixed price. And state-specific laws and rules questions for every state.

Prepare for your cosmetology licensing exam

Cosmetology school is expensive. And state board is stressful. The Filmbook State Board app is here to help. No matter what cosmetology school you attend.

Filmbook State Board app homescreen on iPhone
The Filmbook State Board app. When you subscribe, you get unlimited, randomized quizzes from a bank of over 1,600 state board practice questions.

Who is the Filmbook State Board app for?

  • Cosmetology students, enrolled at any cosmetology school.
  • Beauty educators who need to make sure their students are studying for the state board exam effectively.
  • Cosmetology school administrators who need to increase their cosmetology school licensure rate.

Check out the cosmetology blog!

Learn more about cosmetology and passing the state board licensing exam on the Filmbook cosmetology blog. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in cosmetology!

How to Pass the Cosmetology State Board Test

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10 Cosmetology Facts You Didn’t Know

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Free Cosmetology Practice Test

Looking for a free 2024 cosmetology practice test? It’s right here in video form! Test yourself now. Can you answer these multiple-choice state board questions, created by cosmetology teachers? If you’re in cosmetology school you know the cosmetology exam is in your future. It’s the most important test you will ever take.
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What is the Cosmetology Test?

The cosmetology test is a written and practical timed test required by each state. You have to pass this cosmetology test with a 70 or 80 percent, depending on your state, in order to get a cosmetology license and officially practice cosmetology in that state. Find out more about the cosmetology test here.
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Cosmetology State Board Practice Test

Starting cosmetology school? Already in cosmetology school? You should take a cosmetology state board practice test. The sooner you start practicing for the 2024 cosmetology state board exam, the better you’ll feel when the day arrives, and the better you’ll do. Get started now!
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Cosmetology State Board Florida: Can You Pass?

Are you in Florida cosmetology school? You probably know you have to pass the Florida cosmetology state board exam with at least a 75%—or you cannot practice cosmetology in Florida. If you didn’t know that, we’re sorry to be the first to tell you. The written Florida cosmetology state board exam is hard. It’s TWO tests. Both tests are timed. Lots of Florida cosmetology students fail.
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Cosmetology State Board California: Pass!

Hey Californian! Do you want to be a cosmetologist? That means you have to pass the cosmetology state board in California. 😳  You have to take a practical exam and a written exam. Most people pass the practical exam. But the California written cosmetology exam? It’s hard.
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Cosmetology State Board Texas

Want your cosmetology license in Texas? You have to pass the Texas cosmetology state board. Those dreams of yours … they’re as big as this state. But there’s a Texas-sized problem we gotta tell you about. The reported failure rate for the Texas cosmetology written state board exam is almost 50%.
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Cosmetology State Board New York: Are you ready?

You’ve always wanted to be a cosmetologist, and you’re really good. You know how to cut and color hair—all kinds of hair. You’re in cosmetology school now. Or maybe you just finished. You want to get licensed in New York. There’s just one problem. You have to pass the cosmetology state board written test in New York. 😰 It’s a timed, multiple choice test. It’s hard. Lots of people fail.
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Cosmetology State Board PA: Your Guide to Passing!

Let’s get right to it. You’re here because the PA cosmetology state board is in your future. You want to be a licensed cosmetologist in PA. Great! This state needs more talented stylists like you. People who REALLY know how to cut, color, and style hair. ALL kinds of hair. But first, you have to pass the cosmetology state board exam in PA. Lots of people fail. Which means they don’t get licensed.
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