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Hi! Pleased to meet you! We’re Filmbook. We create and publish high-quality learning apps to help teachers and students succeed. We currently have two education apps on the App Store. Both are specifically designed for the beauty industry:

  • The Filmbook® Cosmetology app
  • The Filmbook® State Board app

Filmbook Cosmetology app. Beauty School in an App.™

The Filmbook Cosmetology app launched on the App Store in May 2020. It’s available in the U.S., Canada, and multiple English-speaking countries worldwide.

The Filmbook Cosmetology app offers teachers and students a full cosmetology program. Use it in the cosmetology classroom. It’s also perfect for for distance learning. And it’s ideal for salon training.

The app provides a structured, step-by-step program with 37 basic cosmetology classes and over 50 short how-to films.

This is key: The curriculum was originally created for one of the largest cosmetology schools in the United States. It successfully trained thousands of cosmetologists at 80 campuses in 20 states. Now it’s available to you!

Filmbook Cosmetology app shown on iPhone in woman's hand
The Filmbook Cosmetology App

Competitive strengths

It’s true. The Filmbook Cosmetology app is a category of one. No other cosmetology app exists like it. It has multiple benefits, including:

  • A complete cosmetology school program—37 classes and over 50 short how-to films.
  • Structured, step-by-step practice services. Use on a mannequin or a live model.
  • Over 100 tests. Each test has randomized questions and offers helpful feedback. Plus, students can take unlimited re-tests.
  • A Teacher Edition that includes practice service consults for every class plus unlimited state board quizzes.

Find out about the 7 learning essentials built into the app.

Learn how you can use the app to teach cosmetology school online.

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Filmbook State Board app. Pass Your Cosmetology Exam.

Our first product, Filmbook State Board, launched in the U.S. on the App Store in November 2018. With an impressive star rating and a subscriber retention rate consistently over 75%, this app helps U.S. cosmetology students pass their state board licensing exams.

In some states, the failure rate for the cosmetology written exam, with its timed, multiple choice questions, approaches 50%. Our goal is to help increase the percentage of students who pass, so they can then practice cosmetology in the U.S.

Thousands of U.S. cosmetology students are currently using the app to help them pass their cosmetology licensing exams.

Filmbook State Board app shown on iPhone in woman's hand
The Filmbook State Board App

Competitive strengths

No other cosmetology state board app has these features:

  • Unlimited state board practice quizzes. Each has randomized questions and answers for one low fixed price: $4.99/month.
  • A built-in cosmetology exam study book.
  • A read-out-loud option.
  • Theory films and practical films on essential cosmetology state board topics.
  • Laws and rules practice questions for the state where students will take the exam.

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