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Neal Tillotson, President and CEO

Neal Tillotson

Neal’s career has been focused on understanding and addressing customer needs at every level.  Filmbook® is the culmination of the three major arcs in his professional experience: software engineering, teaching, and music performance.

In the summer of 2012 Neal began an R&D effort to survey the edtech landscape and rethink the standard classroom-based teaching methodology of vocational education. He conceptualized the Filmbook mobile learning platform, and this research and invention led to the founding of Cambio Education in Minneapolis in June 2013.

At Cambio Education, Neal led the software, curriculum, design, and film teams in a two-year development effort to build the Filmbook platform and the content for the first Filmbook curriculum, a 48-class training program for hair stylists called Studio Luma®.

The Studio Luma® program achieved one of the holy grails of outcome-based education technology—to engage students and effectively train them in the communication, critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills that are often lacking in the Millennial vocational workforce. In early 2017, the Studio Luma® films were acquired by Cengage Learning and re-released under their Milady Cosmetology imprint.

Neal’s mission with Filmbook now is to bring that same success to a broader range of employee training needs—vocational and professional.

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